GPU Virtualization

Last year, Nvidia provides GRID K1 and GRID K2 GPUs for GPU virtualization. One could run multiple VM sharing the same graphic card to render complex applications. It takes the similar solution of SR-IOV but different approach. VMWare utilizes this GPU virtualization on their products and make the GPU performance in VM almost the same performance on bare-metal machine. Even without vGPU, VMWare’s Fusion still has about 90% of bare-metal performance.

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Challenges In Computer Architecture Evaluation, From Simulation Engineer Aspect

This article is pretty interesting from authors’ aspect. Like a history teller, he mentioned lots of stories and evolution of computer architecture. The story is quite amazing and well-organized by authors’ tremendous writing. Keep me fresh again.

To make a full summary from my aspect, I start from the very begging of computer architecture. It was like ancient age of human being. The very first CPU starts from MIPS. You can say any but MIPS is the most popular and well-known architecture. Researcher was trying to make progress on MIPS and boom. They found pipeline. As the time flied, researchers kept making leaps on computer architecture. The cost of producing an IC chip was still expensive. One smart guy realized that emulation is needed in order to know the performance result in advanced.
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